13 Biggest Causes of Laziness. Why I'm so Lazy?

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So, you been asking yourself this question again n again that what are causes of laziness and what I'm so Damn Lazy all the time to get things done?

Today in this article, I will tell you 13 biggest reason that causes you to act lazy then,

How to cure it completely and finally do what you really supposed to do.

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Causes of Laziness

13 Biggest Causes of Laziness

1. I Got a Lot of Time In My Bag!

What causes most people to be flat-out lazy is they think they have got a lot of time.
Heck, No you don't!

So, few researchers did some study in the past like how much time did people averagely spend sleeping?

Comes out like, if you sleep 8 hours a day, you will be spending 200,000+ hours in your entire lifetime.

Now, it is about 1/3 of your lifetime!

And another 1/3 considering 8 hours a day you work in doing office and things...

So technically you have only left with 200,000 something hours left in which you have to take a bath, do random errands here-n-there, eat, play, etc for an entire lifetime.

And in that remaining time, you still right now saying:

Should I sit down and do nothing or Should I lie down and do nothing?

Like Whattt.!!

So stop thinking that you have got a lot of time left and spend each hour where you feel the happiest and just not the laziest!

Causes of laziness

2. Motivation Is Mosquito!

Nothing works unless you do!

Motivation is like a wave and when you are coming from a mindset of laziness, it will just pinch you enough to make you stand but it will not make you finish the task.

Heck, I have seen people that are extremely lazy and even if you show them something motivational. They will be the same as before!

Motivation is not the answer but often in most cases, it is the cause of laziness when you hear:
Oh, that person did this.. this and this...

You ultimately get on this wave and think I will do this and this and from tomorrow you find yourself even lazier!

3. Planning Is On Point!

You know what?

If you are always lazy and postponing on things on tomorrow I can tell you this from experience that there will come a day in your life when,

You will get sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I know this because I am coming from the same place and have seen it all and I know how it always ends!

I don't precisely know about you but I have seen most people doing this:

OK, I'm Done! From tomorrow this is the main action plan.
I will do this and then I will do that...

And then they build up this full proof planning on Point!

And after a few days,

Those old habits kick in and they again catch themselves feeling lazy again and saying:

Oh, I'm not lazy! I'm just trying to save my energy.

No, you don't! You're lying!

The main point is, just do not make these full proof planning if you want to go from 0-100 fast.

Test out a few things and then do make "the necessary plan" that you deep down know you can live up to!

Causes of laziness

4. Discipline Out of The Window

You are feeling lazy because someone told you some time back or a long time back that you should just get in discipline and you throw that discipline thing out of the window!

The thing is if you try to be in discipline for some time, you will not right away see the results or effects just like that. No..!

And when you notice this, you catch these lazy habits again!

Try things slowly and do not just get everything in one go otherwise you will always feel a lack of discipline.

Discipline happens when you flow towards it naturally by executing one step at a time and not like BOOM, I'm fully disciplined from today itself.

Things just do not work like that!

5. Too Much In My Mouth Than I Can Actually Chew!

Again when we plan out to do something, it is really really overwhelming for not only you but for every other person that is looking to combat laziness!

It is very easy to just sit back and think that there is so much work to do.

So do not just exhaust yourself by all the things you have to do and make a list that by the starting of the day itself that,

I will only chew this and this work on this whole day and not anything else!

And by the end of that day, you can actually look to this list that is the task that I really wanna chew properly gets finished or not?

Just by avoiding chewing too many other things that do not matter and not having a list of task creates mental blurriness is what makes you lazy!

6. Distractions Are Everywhere!

You open up your facebook.
Oh, I have got a new like on my picture!

You unlock your phone to look for time.
Oh, my favorite YouTube Channel uploaded a new video.

You open Reddit.
Oh, let's look at some memes!

Can you tell where I'm going?


You have turned on all your mobile notifications and when just one notification comes in, you just binge watch here and there and everywhere.

And after consuming all these content, this is when you feel irresponsible, not feeling the energy in getting things done.

And the next thing you know, you feel too tired to do anything!

Causes of Laziness

7. Your Nutrition is Messed Up!

Basically, you are what you eat. Seems very simple huh.?

You may have also heard quite a number of times that you are exactly what you eat!
But today, I will tell you something different.

You know what, when you eat food in an area where there is a lot of negative energy like people around are hating each other or spreading jealous thoughts.

Take an example of water, scientists have discovered that water and everything you eat or consume has its own temporary memory.

Sometimes when we eat out or in any area where there are negative thoughts around, because of the reason that your food is exposed to that energy, it will carry that energy in itself as temporary memory. I hope it is making sense!

And when that negative energy goes inside you ultimately you get negative thoughts which result in procrastinating behavior and becomes the cause of laziness!

Just look on Youtube about Rice Experiment, Love Hate. You'll see what I'm talkin about!

8. The Devil Is Controlling The Head!

I was reading this book called Interview with the Devil by Napoleon Hill a few days back.

In which the Devil said it bluntly that if you are drifting from your tasks and doing the things that do not really matter and wasting time.

I'm controlling you and it will not end well!

So whenever you find yourself doing nothing and wasting time, notice in that exact mere second that the devil is controlling you!

Immediately do the thing that you really want to do just right there just by ignoring the voice in the head of the devil that is trying to control you!

9. Lacking in Emotional Intelligence

So, what exactly is this lacking in emotional intelligence?

Basically, if you are finding yourself being lazy again n again, it simply means that you are buying into your emotions.

The more you buy into your emotions, the more you lose control over yourself!

You are taking actions whenever you feel certain emotion which in your case of being lazy means because of the reason that you are feeling a certain emotion,

You are talking action of not doing anything and just procrastinate.

Notice a single difference here is, taking action in the direction of "just lay down and sleep" and taking action to do "something productive that really matters", it is just called CHOICE!

Causes of laziness

10. It's a Mental Pattern!

What this means is, you will take more and more of those actions that you have already taken also which create the least resistance!

Not going into deep scientific details like I'm the biggest scientist but for the basic understanding on the surface level which is,

You repeat the same things again and again because it is a thought pattern!

Have you wondered why you take the same road again n again after getting back from your job?


Have you ever wondered why you walk in the directions of the same streets to get to a shop to buy something?

Just because of the reason that it's a mental thought pattern!

Now, coming back to the laziness so when some task in your life comes up like an ordinary task. What do you do?

You become lazy in the time being and finish it all at just at the end moment, at least most of the time. Isn't it?

It is the biggest psychology of laziness because it is a mental issue of habits which brings me to the next point which is;

11. Indecisiveness

Being indecisive is a habit like any other habit out there that you can think of!

If you want to change a habit, it doesn't change just like that!

Because of the reason that you were earlier was too indecisive again and again, you will take the same course of action whenever a situation will occur in your life.

You have to break the mental thought pattern of that habit by taking active decision to make everything work.

So, if you want to make a decision then take it right away instead of waiting for later in the day and doing that same damn thing that you would have done it earlier.

Because when it gets to the evening, you are already too late and in the end, you just say that I'll figure tomorrow, you see what I'm sayin?

12. Same Routine And Nothing New?

If you are feeling lazy, just take a mental jog what exactly you were doing yesterday.

What you were doing the day before?

You have been following the same routine over and over again and are not doing anything new.
Maybe you got a job that sucks!

Add some new things in your daily schedule and just do not repeat the same things over and over again.

If you will do the same things over and over again, you will obviously feel lazy to even move your hand towards it.

So, what's your favorite dish, let's say it's butter chicken.

And now if I give you the same dish again and again, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between meals.

You be like:

Man, get the hell outta here! I don't even feel like moving my body and just eat it!

If you don't know what this butter chicken is, eliminate the complete dish! You get the point basically which is,

If you keep on doing the same things, you will obviously feel lazy so, mix things up and try to do something new Today!

Causes of laziness

13. Purpose Under the Table!

You know what causes people to go extremely or severely lazy because they do not have any purpose!

You know why most people always say I don't want to work hard just because they don't know where they are going in life and they don't actually know what is ahead of them.

Again No Purpose!

And if you understand clearly in thoughts like if you yourself have got no purpose, you will obviously work under someone who is working on their purpose if not now then definitely in future!

Because you cannot always say I have no money and I will live in my momma's house. No!

You have got to find your purpose which lights fire under your belly to build something, to create something and to pursue something after waking every morning and just not feel lazy again!

Ask yourself, what I wanna do in my life?

And you will find real answers about what you were looking for to get over these daily lazy habits!

Wrapping Everything Up

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