[Good or Bad] MLM Business For Students In India

So ok, you are a student and searching on Google that Is MLM Business is Good for me or Not?

Is MLM Companies in India worth pursuing as a career option?

I don't know this Direct Selling Business but my friends are making decent money in this Network Marketing Business but it seems Scam to me.

Is it Good? Is it Bad? Is it terrible...

What should I do? Should I take a chance?

Or any other question you may be having in your mind. You will get a mental clarity after reading this article on "[Good or Bad] MLM Business For Students In India"

Let's Go!

Mlm companies in india

MLM Companies For Students In India

Before I get into why MLM or why not MLM?

Let's first see the typical lifestyle a normal student have in college days. And if you are from D.U. you will relate this lifestyle even more.

So generally, people have colleges in the mornings so a typical normal student remains up late-night doing his stuff.

What Stuff?

Now, an ambitious student always working hard in studies and everything.

A normal student like most people in college is always wasting some time talking to friends, or even better scrolling through FB or Insta like this scroll is the last scroll of their life!

Morning hits, some take a bath and others just do perfume and a good facewash.

Dad Gave them the money, Scooty or vehicle is the life and hurried to college boring lectures.

Have some really cool moments with other friends and later in the day went to hang out either in a mall or at a place where there's good food.

Life is good and college life is the best time in life as you are free to do anything
Some study in the night and others just open the textbooks when the exams are coming nearer.

Time just passes and now you are graduated with average scores and with a lot of college memories.

Amazing college time is over and now you enter the real world as you are 20-22 and you can feel from within that you have to do something to earn money.

And based on your marks, getting a job seems to be like Mission Impossible.

MLM Companies in India

And if you do get a job in a good company. Life goes on and your daily work on your job, the same routine and seem you kind of get bored of life like what's next?

If you notice one thing that I haven't talked about MLM or the business at all. I just showed the reality of what happens and what goes on after college and things start to change and you at that point feel some pressure to do something and earn something for your own needs.

This is the reality what I have seen from my eyes and if you are a student, your seniors and passed out students are well aware of this.

I am not going to B.S. you!

In my honest opinion, Direct Selling Business is the best thing in the world if you can understand it with an open mind and do your own research like you are doing right now. Let's see some things that why you DO NOT have to join the Network Marketing Business at all!

Why You Shouldn't Join an MLM?

Now, if you are a student and looking to join multilevel marketing companies, below are the reasons why you should not join any MLM:

MLM companies in Inida

1. You Can't "Get Rich Quick"

If you are in college, you know everyone starts to look for some extra income source like most people in college start their own start-ups and some start to handle their family business and others get busy in societies and making new connections and developing their communication skills.

And few get involved in political parties and others just study and work and prepare for their exams.
If you see, this one thing is common every college student which is they want to make money eagerly.

If someone right now is telling you to join Network Marketing Business and saying you that you will easily earn money and you will have passive income coming every week or every month.

And "You" are looking at this as getting Rich in a short time which will allow you to do everything wild you have once dreamed with your life in a short time. DON'T JOIN MLM!

Because this Direct Sales Industry needs some time to produce results. Yes, things multiply at a much faster rate than a job and your income boom after some time.

But if you are looking this like you will earn lakhs and crores in a few months and by the end of the college you will be a crorepati very easily. Think Again!

Things take time and you change as a person, you have to go to a lot of meetings and have to put in the real work and what it feels to do a Real World Grind!

Though getting Rich from MLM is comparatively easy than to run your own start-up with funding and all that!

But, its a Grind and you have to pun in the work what it takes and do what is important.

If you think business from these networking companies is a get rich scheme in a short time. You are selling yourself short!

This is no Get Rich Scheme and there's no other way around. You have to put in the work to see some noticeable change and to change your financial status.

2. A Little Hit On Your Social Status

MLM companies in India

If you are a normal student and go to college, you know that you make a lot, a lot of new friends in a really short period of time. You get involved in different activities and make a ton of friends everywhere you go and walk around the college.

I remember I have this security guard who sits near the gate of the college. I made him my really cool friend and he never used to ask me for my I-card when I enter college. 

Ok, my story for some other time but you get the point that college is really fun with a lot of friends.
But, if you are thinking to join a direct sales company as a student, be ready to get a little hit on your social status!

Like, people have this bad perception of this Network Marketing Industry maybe from past they have heard that this Chain Marketing is just there to scam people and take their money off and 1,2,3 RUN..!

It may be true if you/they in past get in the wrong Company or so but if you have decided that you have to do the Network Marketing Business.

You will come across people that may make fun of you for a little period of time when you are not making any money at all!

If you can accept these things and consider yourself brave enough that can handle the initial pressure. Here are some reasons that Why Students or people of Any age must join the Network Marketing Business.

Why You Should Join MLM Companies In India?

So I have compiled some Good things or advantages or benefits or anything you wanna call it, you will experience these things when you do Network Marketing or MLM Business. Here we go:

1. Business Is Learned By Doing

You cannot deny that if you look at any businessman, he or she has to put in a tremendous amount of effort and give in a lot of time.

Then mistakes are made, every college entrepreneur or any businessmen make a lot of mistakes.
But there is one thing in common which is you cannot learn to do business just by reading your regular college textbooks or even self-help books.

If you are a student, you have to put yourself in the marketplace and learn business how to's yourself.

In your college days or teen days when you are doing these things, you will learn on the market field that how a business is actually done?

If you are even not from the business background even then you will learn a lot of things just by getting in touch with the business people altogether!

2. You Make Heck-Lodes of Friends

MLM Companies in India

Now, you are like I have written just a few lines back that your social status is hurt when you do the Network Marketing Business and now I am telling you that you make a lot of Friends.


Actually, both things are right!

You lose a lot of your current friends that you used to hang out with as you both were on the same page and hold common habits and thoughts and grounds and whatnot.

Network Marketing is a people's business so you meet a lot of new people and make a lot of like-minded friends from different colleges, different universities, from different states or even from different countries.

And as the business grows and you get some money, you even can go to different states and countries to meet new friends and chill out!

3. You Learn About People's Psychology

Now, because of the reason that you are in a people's business. You will come across a lot of people from different backgrounds from the different thought process and their set of beliefs.

You will learn how you can connect with any type of person and make a deep connection.

And once you learn psychology, you can even get at that point that you realize deeply what you have to say next that I connect with "this set" of people.

What wordings you say that will hit a person this way and etc, a lot of things go into the psychology that you will learn in Network Marketing.

4. You Get a Life-Time Mentor

Mlm companies in India

This is the biggest benefit I think a normal student can have in my honest opinion.
As you already know when you are in college, generally students are all over the place, they need this, they need that, just entered the real world.

If you can get a person who has already seen the road map ahead of you and can guide you along the way, having a person like that is nothing more or less than a Blessing.

But be really careful here because there are a lot of up-lines that may not be that mature so pick and select your Up- line very wisely.

The best way to select your Mentor from one of your up-lines is admiring and following the path of that person that you want to become like them one day, that lifestyle, that freedom, etc.
The next point is,

5. The Quality Connections Level Up 

Generally, in Network Marketing Companies, the meetings are held time to time where you meet more other people working from some time, maybe even from other states or a regular group meet-up with your greater up-lines.

If you are a college student, it helps you to raise your connections to 5-6 Levels above from you!

Say you consider yourself as at level 3 where you hang out with normal people with normal connections at college or people who earn normal income etc.

When you enter in Network Marketing at a young age, you ultimately get in touch with people that are anywhere from Level 4-Level 10.

Now, don't get confused here in levels but you get the point right what I am saying.

You sometimes meet people that are making 6 or even 7 figures per month!

6. Your Communication Skills Sky-Rock

As a regular student or I can say as a regular university brat, generally people do not have good communication skills.

When you enter in this fastest-growing direct sales industry, your communication skills sky rock!
Your whole Body Language, your Dressing Sense, your Presentation Skills, your Confidence Levels, a lot!

When you are able to learn a lot of new things in a short period of time, you will turn out to be a new person.

MLM Companies in India

7. You Learn Public Speaking

Now, if you have never presented yourself on stage and always feel shy and nervous and being judged or whatnot.

This is a big one for you especially!

You can go anywhere in the world, you can apply for any job, any interview, or start up your own business.

If you have wild dreams, there will come a point somewhere in the future that you have to get on the stage to speak.

Somewhere down the line, you have to face that.

And it's pretty embarrassing if you are a grown-up adult and you can't address in public. It is what it is!

Now, in Network Marketing, there are weekly team training where you speak in front of your group of friends just to express yourself and make you comfortable.

And the fun fact is, your teammates will always clap for you and cheer you up to get get your confidence level all-time high!

It is a big plus point if you can sharp these skills much earlier in life.

8. You Learn The Leadership

MLM Companies in India

Am not gonna lie, you have to face your fears and get into pressures from time to time. A lot of things happen along the way which results in building up some core powerful business skills!

Business is uncertain and you make it certain by uncovering the hidden leader in you that was hiding just below the surface.

Leadership is all about taking responsibility and you know what there is an old saying;

"How you do one thing is how you do everything"

When you develop all these leadership skills, it all transmute into all the other areas of life as you are change as a person.

9. You Become Shameless

Now shameless is not that in a wrong way but rather by becoming desensitized by the opinions of others.

When you are in a network company, you develop this habit of not taking negative people around you serious. When you speak, you are able to express yourself fully and completely without any fear of being judged.

Mostly in college days or rather I put it this way that most students don't have that self-esteem to express themselves freely and openly anywhere.

It is a little aspect that you stop taking everyone seriously and become mentally free!


MLM companies in india

Now, this point is the real one and if I be really honest with you about money. It fukin takes time!

There's no denying that money do comes if you are pursuing Network Marketing as a business!
But it takes time to build a solid business.

If you ask me how much time it will take?

I say, it all depends on how skilled are you?

Everyone is not a born skilled person from birth.

A lot of time will go into building those skills and to be really fair there will be mental breakthroughs also where you will be banging head on the wall to figure things out and all that.

It happens with everyone but if you can surpass that in 2-4 or even 5-year time frame.

You will build a consistent solid pipeline of income which will also be transferable to the generations that will pay you every month by month.

You can use this money to start up your other businesses which can help you even make more money and then you can invest in real estate, SIP's or start another business, etc.

You can do whole lotta things but it all starts from you if you are willing to put in the work and surpass the limitations that you may be facing right now.

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11. You Get Famous in College

Now, you get famous in college in 2 ways:

First, when your friends get to know that you are also involved in the MLM Network Marketing Business but this you can avoid if you play your cards right and only tell few those people initially to whom you trust and will not destroy other prospects etc.

Second, when you make heck loads of money after putting in the work that was indeed needed from the very first day after joining a network marketing company.

Oh man, you better believe things gossip in the background that you are earning this much in college days and your friends that was initially avoiding you all of a sudden want to meet you and start to earn some!

This was my complete transparent review of the Network Marketing In India and is it good for college or in general for students in particular and now below are the answers to the questions that you may be having right now:

Question And Answers

- Why does MLM (Direct Selling Industry in India) suffer from bad reputation?

The reason why Network Marketing in India or anywhere in the world has such a bad reputation is that people do not get to the root of things.

Even today, people in India consider MLM as a lottery ticket which can make every one of their dreams come true. It actually can make your all dreams come true but it requires work to put in!

And after doing it inconsistently for a few weeks or months, they are on to the next like what's the next easy thing that can make me money?

Also, one major reason that people in India have a bad eye towards Network Marketing is that initially when Network Marketing Companies came in India, people have lost a lot of money when a lot of Ponzi schemes have guaranteed people to double money in few months and the companies end up ghosting everyone and ran away.

So that's why I think people have a really negative perception of Network Marketing in India or anywhere.

MLM Companies In India

If right now if you are in college or doesn't matter if doing any job or anything like that. If you ask from any of your relatives or even from your parents about joining Network Marketing, they will tell you:

Man, you are on the wrong path.
You will get scammed!
Companies run away overnight.

Just because, earlier there were Ponzi schemes and they have had their bad experience which made them have a bad reputation about the industry.

Contrary to this, even when our Government of India went deep into understanding MLM. They have actually added a whole complete unit about Network Marketing in B.Com(H) SEM 1 in Delhi University.

You can even search it out on Google to get more information.

Boom, Done!

- Which MLM company is best to join in especially in India?

I can answer you anything transparently about anything but I cannot answer this one or endorse any particular!

The industry is good and genuine however there may be few out there that are corrupt but the Industry is Powerful.

It is solely and completely up to you which company you would like to join.

If you are right now really serious about getting into MLM, always and always make sure that you choose your company really carefully which must have a product that solves a problem in the market place.

If you find the right company, stick with it and one day you will also have your own story to share to the world.

That was about my complete walkthrough on the MLM Industry for students. And I hope you got the right knowledge and in a better mind frame to make a decision that suits best for you!

In The End,

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