How To Become A Motivational Speaker[Step by Step]

What's up?

So you wanna know how to become a motivational speaker and looking for what exactly you have to do to become a widely successful public speaker.

In this article, I will tell you a lot of things that you need to must do, avoid or consider so that you can jump-start the right way.

This is Part 1 of the series of a total of 2 articles in directing you the right way.

Without taking much time, let's see how you can become an inspirational speaker.

Here I go:

How To Become A Motivational Speaker

How To Become a Motivational Speaker

So there are a lot of things that you need to consider so let me start one by one. Notice one thing that these are not in any specific order so just pick and choose those that you consider you need to work on:

Know In Which Industry You Wanna Enter

There are various things that you can do here because there are various industries in which you can enter like do you wanna become an inspirational speaker in the self-help industry.


Are you trying to motivate the young youth to give them the right direction?


Are you good in business and corporate and wanna go and motivate people working on the business side?


You just wanna just become a regular inspirational speaker that can motivate anyone?


Are you looking to inspire the students that are in schools to stop getting distracted and start building towards something?


Do you have a lot of experience that you wanna share by becoming a life coach that can counsel people that are maybe struggling to find directions in their lives?


You wanna motivate the grown-up college students that are entering in their career to give them a jump start?


Do you have a lot of spiritual knowledge and you wanna go this way?


Basically, there are a lot of niches in which you can enter if you are more knowledgable and passionate or experienced or interested in.

Like you can go in Women Empowerment or become a Fitness Inspiration or enter in the Financial Category which helps people to invest their money right to become more wealthy in the long term.

The Relationship is also big one niche in which you can enter if you are good at this.

The main point here is to get to know your exact direction means, in which direction you wanna jump in to help more people and inspire them?

Knowing You Why?

How to become a motivational speaker

Why do you wanna become a motivational speaker?
What are you trying to aim before you become one?
Is that aim a purpose-driven? OR Is that aim money-driven?

Ask these 3 questions from yourself so that you can set yourself mentally to that position where you are heading to?

After getting the "WHY" clear then;

Becoming And Coming As a Professional

Now, at this point, you are at a stage at where your mindset is totally clear in which direction you wanna go in. The real task of becoming a professional is to learn and grow and develop your skills.

1. Working on Your Energy

Now you will be like what? What is like working o your energy, I never heard of that?

And to be really honest, this is what I believe the most important thing that you need and have and will be working on.

Because if you yourself come off as low energy, how you gonna motivate and inspire others?

Working on your energy means that you have to have conviction in your words. Nobody wants to hear from a person that is just not even sure of himself.

When you speak, speak with your voice that is dominant with underneath confidence.

You yourself have to feel that current in your body flowing that charge you and when you get on stage, that energy just can spread everywhere.

When you are working on your energy so whenever you enter a room, people can almost sense that almost subconsciously.

It is to becoming charged yourself to charge others.

Now there is no need to worry if you are feeling overwhelmed but if you work on all the other factors that I show in other points, you can feel this ultimate energy in yourself.

2. Collecting Your Inspirational Stories

What you gonna say as an inspirational speaker if you yourself do not have amazing inspirational stories to share?

So open up your small diary.

This does not mean that you have to purchase a thick full-fledge register named inspirational stories.

But you have to buy a small diary in which you can collect all the points that come off to you as inspirational in just your daily activities.

Always remember, it is not at all about the story that you are telling rather it is about how you present yourself.

Despite the story is inspirational or not but a good presenter can say it in a way that a not so inspirational story can also come off as Amazing!

You can do this by watching and analyzing other speakers on stage at YouTube or Vimeo, etc.

So, whatever you see in your daily life experiences or search on the internet for inspirational stories that can give you a step forward.

3. Presenting Stories To Your Friends and Family

Doing this is important because it is always better to get yourself a review of from which point you are starting? Means,

When you are all-ready with your stories now it is all about presenting yourself. So stand in front of your family at your place or something close to that.

Where you have a group of people to which you can just present yourself and they are not gonna judge you as they are someone that you already know.

They will not make fun of you or seriously say to you you suck!

And if they do say that also, don't get butt-hurt, just ask them for their authentic and general feedback so that you can improve.

Prepare yourself in advance before you actually do this. Know which are your main key points that you need to cover.

The basic aim is to get an idea of a mental picture that how you gonna be presenting yourself on what exact points.

Considering it is much better to suck in front of a known small audience instead of a large group of people!

4. Have a Friend or A Person To Record You!

You may think after giving your inspirational messages to family and friends that you are just killing it!

But it is to realize and knowing exactly what things you do need to work on.

Believe me, when you think that you are doing and presenting yourself good in front of your family people and friends.

Next time, just say someone of your family members or friends to just record you and you will see and say Is That How I was Coming Across?

The aim here is just not getting too much in your head that you just now the best inspirational speaker rather seeing the mistakes and just sharping your craft to get good at this!

How to Become a Motivational Speaker

5. Do Not Black and White!

What do I mean by this? It means you never have to copy or act like something or someone who has their own style.

Rather, what you have to do is develop your own style as what comes as natural to you as you have got your own personality.

If you are just telling or talking something inspirational in front of your family or friends, despite how much you try to cover that style that you are copying.

But the audience will see and sense that black and white.

On the initial level, you can do all this as you can easily pass through this but at a later point, it may hurt your reputation when you get recorded in any type of media or video.

So, develop your keen sense of style from the beginning!

6. Leveling Up Everything!

Now, you have got some confidence and have a very little experience so this is the best time for you to join Toastmasters.

Toastmasters is just a club of people that are actively working on developing their public speaking skills.

You can actually get in there in a nominal package and there will be a lot of people to which you can express yourself and develop your confidence.

The best part about this is, all these people in this club are not allowed to judge anybody but they will always cheer everyone up to give everyone the confidence boost that everyone needs.

Here you will learn a lot of social and public speaking and presentation skills.

You will work on your body language so that you can sub-consciously become confident because that is what your body language is showing. It's like:

If you have a weak body-language, you automatically feel unconfident or anxious to say something.

If you have a strong body language, you automatically feel more confident even if you were earlier feeling anxious, if that makes sense.

These people will give you the training and the classes in front of various active speaking engagements.

You get the point basically that you will be leveling up in every aspect of your personality and skills.
Just search toastmasters club near me on Google and you can go ahead there.

7. Do Not Worry About Money or Salary or Income

At the end of the day, everyone wants to make money and I totally get that.

If you have got a job or anything that you were doing in the part-time. Just do not quit that even if you are going to different classes and getting the right coaching.

The general rule is like, do and work on developing your skills and on yourself and your stories and presenting and everything for 3 months and for a maximum of 6 months.

Just try to do all these extra things in the background and do not quit your primary source of income just yet!

You first have to become valuable yourself by working on yourself by doing the self-improvement first.

The money will come in so many quantities that you may can't even handle it.

So on an initial level just focus on developing your skills and becoming valuable!

8. Qualification, Courses, And Degrees

Now, a lot of people get trip into these degrees and everything.

Do I need to have a certified to get good at inspiring?

There is no hard and fast rule that you must get a degree and do "this much" qualification and must do all these courses and then and only then you can become a widely successful motivational speaker.


All I can say that it all depends on different niches and interests that you have earlier picked. For Example,

If I want to become a Fitness Motivational Speaker, then it would be must or you should consider having a good body or having a trainer certification or any other certification which can basically give you authority.

No-one is gonna listen to a person who himself has bad looking physique and he is speaking on getting a good body and inspiring people.

I mean, people do not say it directly on the face why you are a fitness inspirational speaker and you yourself have not even got a good body?

But consider having a Good Body and some type of certification to give credibility to speak and inspire.

I hope you are getting it.

It totally depends!

Another example totally opposite to this,

Let's say you wanna become a religious teacher to inspire others then in this case if you are correct and know what you are saying.

It is ok and there is no specific need to get a degree or qualification or anything like that.
People will accept you if you are saying the truth.


It depends on a lot of factors but it all comes down to common sense.

Pursuing or having a certification is of no harm either!

It will only increase your knowledge base and will tell you so many things that you may take a lot of time by discovering yourself.

It will give you authority and credibility that what you are speaking is right because you are certified.
And you will be directly working with coaches that exactly know their craft and have a lot of experience which can just Skyrock your success to a whole new level.

So go for it if necessary by understanding your niche and applying some common thinking!

How to become a motivational speaker

9. Your Salary or Price or Rate

When you initially enter any industry, you are not that experienced or nobody knows you so nobody will pay you any good.

That's why I told you strictly that focus on developing yourself into a valuable person.

And even if nobody knows you in the beginning.

Let me tell you what people do?

Initially, most people are just trying to get some returns on their investments so they just try to get engaged in meet-ups and speaking get-togethers.

And they are just agreeing with very little salary or fee or price or whatever you wanna call it.

The problem here is that if you demand so less, nobody will take you seriously even if you are somewhat good!

It is always best that you develop yourself into valuable enough plus having somewhat experience in toastmasters and get your video shoot by a friend again n again.

And then when you are finally prepared and confident in your skills.

Now you have to ask decent enough that people consider you something and take you seriously and be very prepared if this is your first project.

Because the word of mouth works both ways, if you were effective, your name will spread everywhere positively.

And if, if you come off as very nervous and anything on those corners, it may hurt your reputation negatively!

So it is always better that you take the right steps and know what exactly you are doing. Did you get that?

10. Marketing Yourself And Getting Business

Now, when you are very much confident in your public speaking skills, you have to focus majorly on how you can market yourself the best!

This is where you will build and create yourself into an authority and you will get a lot of clients for the business.

Start and look for public speaking jobs and opportunities so that you can make yourself with other speakers and more opportunities at a later point.

This article was completely on how you can become and start a public speaking business from scratch.

But the next Part 2 is completely dedicated to how you exactly want to market yourself online.
If you are looking for how you can market yourself online or build another online business on itself separate.

Then, click the link below that will teach you how you can build your online business. This is a free course that will give you the skills in marketing yourself with your personal website and everything.

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